Arts and Recreation Services is a small but diverse industry that includes museums, zoos, parks, botanical gardens, creative and performing arts, professional and recreational sports, amusement centers and casinos. More than half of workers have post-school qualifications. This industry includes both professional sportspersons and creative artists who have many years of training in their respective fields, as well as many people in administrative, support and management roles.

Courses Included are:

  • Exploring Color and Composition
  • Developing Characters, Environments, and Story Boards
  • Retouching Clothing and Fabric
  • Introduction to Paper Mache
  • Family Portraits
  • Singer Simple™ Sewing Machine Model 2263 – Fast Start
  • Singer ONE™ Sewing Machine – Fast Start
  • How to Make Paper Flowers
  • Improv Quilting Basics
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