Microsoft C# Programming

Course Overview

Microsoft C# is a Windows programmer go-to language. It’s the preferred language for any desktop or web application that runs on a Windows computer. C# is a part of the ASP.NET framework, so you’ll hear it mentioned along with VB.NET. You have these two language options when you decide to learn Windows platform development. If you prefer C-style language syntax, C# is the direction you should go when learning Windows development.

Course Outline

Section 1 – Getting Started

Section 2 – Classes and Objects

Section 3 – Working with Objects

Section 4 – Delegates and Events

Section 5 – Windows Programming in C#

Section 6 – Threads

Section 7 – Generics and Collections

Section 8 – File I/O and Streams

₦ 90,000

  • Days: Mon
  • Time: 2pm 
  • Start Date: 2nd October, 2023
  • Duration: 6 weeks
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