Data Analysis for Data Science Part 2


The course is divided into 4 weeks. Over these 4 weeks, you will learn how to use Tableau to implement all types of visualizations and to help you find, and communicate, answers to business questions, as well as work with the Tableau functions that all data analysts should be familiar with. You will also learn how to use a different data set to work out analyses and how to use functions to include new calculations to your data.

1. Introduction

2. Get started (Tableau Family of Products, Installation)

3. Connecting to Web Services

4. Connecting data

5. Preparing data and data types

6. Combining Data in Tableau

1. Filter data

2. Sorting, Grouping, Hierarchies and Sets data

3. Line Graphs and Box Plots

4. Mapping

5. Working With Dates

1. Parameters

2. Filtering for Top and Top N

3. Row-level Calculations

4. Blending and Aggregation-level Calculations

5. Table Calculations and Parameters

1. Combination charts

2. Dynamical visualization

3. Dashboards and Story Points

4. Creating and Formatting Story Points

5. Saving and Publishing to the Web

6. Data Science with Tableau

₦ 10,000

  • Days: Tue and Thur
  • Time: 6pm-8pm
  • Duration: 1 Month


Introduction to SQL
Basic SQL
SQL Joins
SQL Aggregations
Advanced SQL

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