EXIN Certified: DevOps Foundation

Course Overview

The DevOps certification programme was designed by EXIN to provide IT professionals with the skills they need to effectively manage a diverse team while also increasing the speed and reliability of product delivery. By promoting a collaborative approach between development and operations teams, DevOps allows businesses to reduce time to market for new releases, software, or services. DevOps adoption provides an atmosphere in which productivity is enhanced by automating activities related to infrastructure and workflows.

This EXIN DevOps Foundation certification is for IT and business professionals who want to learn the fundamentals of DevOps. This certification certifies awareness of the roots of DevOps and the advantages of DevOps concepts and practices for the company. It was created as a stepping-stone to the EXIN DevOps Professional certification. The DevOps Foundation course establishes a foundational grasp of important DevOps terms, ensuring that everyone is speaking the same language and emphasising the advantages of DevOps in supporting organisational success.

DevOps Basics

DevOps Principles

DevOps Key Practices

Practical Application of DevOps


DevOps Foundation is for IT and business professionals who want to learn about DevOps and how its principles may assist their company. This comprises members of a DevOps team as well as anybody involved in information and technology management.

Course Outline

Introduction To DevOps Foundation

The DevOps Foundation Exam

Origins Of DevOps

Origins Of DevOps Part 2

Origins Of DevOps Part 3

Definition And Justification For DevOps

Misconceptions Of DevOps



DevOps Principles

DevOps Principles Part 2

DevOps Key Practices: Inherent Challenges

DevOps Key Practices: Inherent Challenges Part 2

DevOps Key Practices: Working Efficiently

DevOps Key Practices: Working Efficiently Part 2

Applicability And Limitations Of DevOps

Evolving Architecture And Organizational Models

Sample Exam Part 1

Sample Exam Part 2

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  • Duration: 1 year
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