EXIN Certified: DevOps Professional

Course Overview

The DevOps Professional Certification is the only certification that covers the development and execution of a comprehensive CICD pipeline from start to finish.. It covers theoretical ideas and provides you with the confidence needed to use DevOps techniques in all aspects of the development cycle.

This EXIN DevOps Professional certification is intended to assess IT professionals’ background knowledge and comprehension of key DevOps principles. This certification looks at the Three Ways, good change control practises, and maintaining security compliance as a stepping stone to the EXIN DevOps Master certification.

DevOps Adoption

The First Way: Flow

The Second Way: Feedback

The Third Way: Continual Learning and Experimentation

Information Security and Change Management


The EXIN DevOps Professional certification is for anybody who works in a DevOps environment or in a company that is considering making the switch to a DevOps style of working.

Course Outline

Introduction To DevOps Professional

The DevOps Professional Exam

What Is DevOps

DevOps Adoption

Methodologies: Lean

Methodologies: Continuous Delivery

Methodologies: Agile

Methodologies: Kata

The Three Ways Of DevOps



Continual Learning And Experimentation

DevOps Transformation

DevOps Transformation Part 2

DevOps Transformation Part 3

DevOps Transformation Part 4

1st Way: Deployment Pipeline

1st Way: Deployment Pipeline Part 2

1st Way: Automated Testing

1st Way: Continuous Integration

1st Way: Low-Risk Releases

2nd Way: Telemetry

2nd Way: Telemetry Part 2

2nd Way: Deployment Feedback

2nd Way: Hypothesis Driven Development

2nd Way: Review And Co-Ordination

3rd Way: Continual Learning

3rd Way: Discoveries

Information Security

Change Management

Exam Overview

Exam Overview Part 2

Exam Overview Part 3

₦ 30,000

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  • Duration: 1 year
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