Intermediate Crystal Reports

Course Overview

This Crystal Reports training class is designed to enhance your basic report writing skills and move you into creating more complex reports. Time will be spent walking you through the tips and tricks of advanced report writing along with a good amount of hands on practice. In addition, you will cover professional design, techniques, sub-reporting and advanced formulas.

Course Benefits:

  • Review the basics.
  • Learn to use Sections to improve formatting.
  • Learn to keep running totals.
  • Learn to work with parameters.
  • Learn features of advanced formulas.
  • Learn to create Sub reports.
  • Learn to create and work with custom Groups.
  • Learn to work with Cross Tab Reports.
  • Learn to create Report Alerts.

Course Outline

  1. Creating Parameters
    1. Adding a Parameter Field
  2. Optional Parameters
    1. Making a Parameter Optional
  3. Using a List of Parameter Values
    1. Creating a Parameter Value List
  4. Dynamic List of Values
    1. Creating a Dynamic Value List
  5. Cascading List of Values
    1. Creating a Cascading Value List
  6. Multivalue Parameters
    1. Creating a Dynamic Value List
  7. Range Parameter
    1. Creating a Dynamic Value List
  1. Unlinked Subreports
    1. Creating an Unlinked Subreport
  2. Linked Subreports
    1. Adding a Linked Subreport
  1. Adding a Chart to a Report
    1. Adding a Chart
  1. Creating a Cross-Tab Report
    1. Creating a Cross-Tab Subreport
  1. Special Fields
    1. Adding Special Fields to a Report
  2. Using the If Statement
    1. Using the If Statement
  3. Using the Select Case Statement
    1. Using the Select Case Statement
  4. Conditional Formatting
    1. Using Conditional Formatting
  5. Alternating Row Formatting
    1. Formatting Rows by Alternating the Colors
  1. Using Report Alerts

₦ 20,000

  • Learn at your own pace with 24/7 access
  • Duration: 1 year
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