Managing Web Design Projects

Course Overview

In this Managing Web Design Projects training class, you will learn all about the design process and how to manage a web design project from start to finish.


Course Benefits:

  • Learn about the phases of the design process.
  • Learn how to define project scope.
  • Learn about creating mockups and working with data.
  • Learn how to integrate the pieces of your website project.
  • Learn about usability and accessibility considerations.
  • Learn the steps in rolling our your project.
  • Learn how to analyze and learn from your project for future projects.

Course Outline

  1. Preproject Tasks
    1. Preproject Tasks
  2. Planning Phase
    1. Planning-Phase Process
    2. Top-down Approach
    3. Bottom-up Approach
    4. Plan Implementation
  3. Production-Phase Work Flow
    1. Production-Phase Process
  4. Postproduction Wrapup
    1. Postproduction Process
  1. Preparing a Scope Statement
  2. Breaking Down a Scope Statement
  3. Building Proper Expectations
    1. Build Phases
  4. Demo – Using Phases to Organize a Project File
  5. Iteration Process
    1. Working through the Phases
  1. Best Technologies to Use
    1. Choosing a Technology
    2. Sharing Sample Designs
  2. Best Practices
    1. Creating Samples
    2. Organization Methods
  3. Fine Line between Creativity and Technology Limits
    1. Balancing Ideas with Available Technology
  1. Data Planning
    1. Creating a Data Map
  2. Data Gathering
    1. Gathering and Combining Data
  3. Data Best Practices
    1. Creating a Good Data Solution
  1. Breaking Down the Look
    1. Using Photoshop to Slice a Design
    2. Slicing Rules
    3. Map Twice, Slice Once
  2. Putting It Back Together
    1. Planning the Structure
    2. Building Flexible CSS Rules Using Dreamweaver
  3. Demo – CSS rules with Dreamweaver
  4. Combining the Look and Function
    1. Using Dreamweaver to Combine the Two
    2. Saving a Structure Template
  5. Demo – Combine Look and Code Using Dreamweaver
  1. Define the Rules
    1. 16 Rules
  2. How Do They Impact My Project
    1. Impact of Rules on the Project
    2. Popular Assistive Technology
  3. Enforcing the Rules
    1. Evaluating the Site for Compliance
    1. Setting Up a Safe Test Space
      1. Creating a Testing Space
    2. Setting Client Expectations
      1. Preparing the Client to Test the Site
    3. Dealing with Changes
      1. Making Changes Easy to Track
      2. Options and Ideas
  1. Analysis
    1. Post Project Tasks
      1. Testing
    2. Looking Back
      1. Reports to View and Lessons to Learn
    3. Demo: Update a Project Plan
    4. Documentation
      1. Keeping Good Records

₦ 20,000

  • Learn at your own pace with 24/7 access
  • Duration: 1 year
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