Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104)

Course Overview

The Azure Administrator Associate certification verifies the skills and knowledge required to create, administer, and monitor a Microsoft Azure environment for a business. Candidates have a thorough grasp of identity, governance, storage, compute, and virtual networks in a cloud environment, as well as how to supply, manage, monitor, and change resources as needed.


Governance and Compliance

Azure Administration

Virtual Networking

Intersite Connectivity

Network Traffic Management

Azure Storage

Azure Virtual Machines

Serverless Computing

Data Protection


Course Outline


Azure AD Groups

Manage Device Settings

Perform Bulk User Updates

Configure Azure AD Join

Configure Self Service Password Reset

Custom Roles

Role Based Access Control

Role Based Access Control Part 2

Troubleshooting RBAC And RBAC Policies

Perform An Access Review

Manage Multiple Directories

Manage Resource Groups

Manage Resources Groups Part 2

Manage Resource Groups Part 3

Manage Subscriptions

Manage Subscriptions Part 2

Manage Subscriptions Part 3

Azure Storage Introduction

Create And Configure Storage Accounts

Storage Access Options

Azure Storage Replication

Configure Azure AD Auth For A Storage Account

What Is Azure Import/Export Service

Storage Explorer

Copy Data By Using AZCopy

Azure File Storage

Create An Azure File Share

Introduction To Azure File Sync

Planning For Azure File Sync

Configure Sync Service And Sync Agent

Delete Storage Sync Service

Azure Blob Storage

Azure Blob Storage Part 2

Configure High Availability

Configure High Availability Part 2

Deploy And Configure Scale Sets

Deploy And Configure Scale Sets Part 2

Understand ARM Templates

Deploy Virtual Machines From ARM Templates

Virtual Machines And VHD Templates

Save A Deployment As An ARM Template

DSC And Custom Script Extensions

DSC And Custom Script Extensions Part 2

Configure Azure Disk Encryption

Move And Redeploy VMs

Manage VM Sizes

Create And Configure Azure VMs

Add Data Disks

Create And Configure Azure VMs Part 2

Create, Configure Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Create, Configure Azure Container Instances (ACI)

Create, Configure App Service/App Service Plans

Create And Configure VNET Peering

Virtual Network Introduction

Create An Azure Virtual Network

Add Network Interfaces

Network Routes

Configure Azure DNS Zones: Public

Configure Azure DNS Zones: Private

Configure Azure DNS Zone: Private Part 2

Introduction To Network Security Groups

Create And Configure An NSG

Create And Configure An NSG Part 2

Evaluate Effective Security Rules

Deploy And Configure Azure Firewall

Deploy And Configure Azure Bastion Service

Configure Application Gateway

Azure Load Balancers

Create A Public Load Balancer

Create Backend Servers

NSG Rules For Load Balancing

Create A Backend Address Pool

Create A Health Probe

Create A Load Balancer Rule

Test The Public Load Balancer

Configure Internal Load Balancer

Create Internal Load Balancer Resources

Troubleshooting Load Balancers

Monitor On-Premises Connectivity

Configure NPM

Configure NPM Part 2

Use Network Watcher

Network Troubleshooting

Create A Virtual Network Gateway

Azure Gateways


Configure Azure Virtual WAN

Analyze Metrics Across Subscriptions

Working With Log Analytics

Configure Diagnostic Settings On Resources

Configure Diagnostics On Resources Part 2

Query And Analyze Logs

Working With Alerts

Working With Alerts Part 2

Configure Application Insights

Introduction To Azure Backup

Create And Configure Backup Policy

Configure And Review Backup Reports

Create Recovery Services Vault

Use Soft Delete To Recover Azure VMs

Perform Recovery Using Azure Site Recovery

₦ 30,000

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  • Duration: 1 year
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