Digital Marketing

Course Overview

The world of digital marketing is constantly growing and evolving as technology advances. In order to know how to fully utilise the potential of digital marketing methods, regular training is essential to develop new skills and adapt to changes. At Knowledge Hub 365, we offer a wide range of online training materials covering all aspects of digital marketing ensuring that the resources you need are just one click away.

Course Outline

Basic understanding of Electronic Commerce
E-Commerce business models and strategies
Electronic payment system
Digital marketing tools and technology
Technology infrastructure required for E-Commerce
E-Commerce security issues and controls
Best practices for implementing E-Commerce
Framing strategies

Learn tactics to draw more traffic by generating brand awareness and
getting high visibility
Understand effective tactics of email marketing
Learn to build email list and email campaigns
Learn skills to market a business with the use of an email marketing platform
Gain knowledge on generating large number of email subscribers
In-Depth knowledge of the email marketing rules and regulations
Learn the best ways to send bulk emails
Gain knowledge on how to attract buyers across the globe.
Writing Killer Subject Lines to Ensure High Open Rates
Optimisation Techniques
Ensuring High Inbox Delivery (How to escape spam filters)
Email Marketing Strategies

App Marketing: In this course, trainees will learn about App Stores Optimisation
along with other organic ways of promoting mobile apps
App Monetisation: This section covers understanding of the basics of App
Business Model and other approaches involved in the Monetization of Apps
Projects and Assignments: In this section, candidates will get exposure and hand-on experience in the Mobile Marketing with weekly projects
and assignments
Research based Internship: We ensure live projects to the trainees. For this,
we provide research-based internship where you do research every week on
various important topics, and you will have to handle the blog post on dedicated

Understand basics of lead generation, it’s scope and history
Introduction of lead generation for business
How to identify ideal clients for lead generation
Identify various routes to market those leads for product promotion
Best ways to deal with leads obtained from different sources
Acquire skill and knowledge on tracking delivery and measuring performance

Clear understanding of the overview of content marketing
How to plan a content strategy?
Measuring content marketing and content distribution
Get clear understanding on how content facilitates a connection with the
customers and their purchasing decisions
Frame the content strategies as per the customer life cycle
Understand the basics to measure and optimise the contents of website
Understanding on how to explore content publication process and
technologies used in it.

add PPC keywords
add negative keywords
split Ad groups
define landing pages
review costly PPC keywords

Learn different techniques to use Web Analytics
Learn the best practices to improve the traffic over the
website for generating more leads
Get better understanding of the prospective customers
Best course model that emphasizes on learning and practical knowledge with
various exercises on Google Analytics.
What is google analytics?
How does analytics work?
Create your account
Installing your tracking tag
Load demo data into Google Analytics
Create view
Ad filters to view
Core Concepts
Metric and Dimensions
Interact with the Graph
Use the data table
Use the Annotation
Using the reports
Audience reports

Learn to create effective campaigns with the use of Social Media
Be a Social Media expert by choosing it as a career option
Learn numerous ways to create effective Social Media Strategies
Facebook Ads
Optimisation Techniques
Advance Scaling Strategies
Twitter Marketing
Multiple Strategies to Increase Organic Reach with Examples.
Twitter Cards
Instagram Marketing
A Proven Case Study – How a brand reached from 0 to 1,00,000 followers
organically in less than 1 year.

What is SEO?
Prologue to SERP
What are Internet searches
How web indexes work
Significant elements of a web crawler
What are keywords?
Diverse sort of keywords
Google watchwords organizer instrument
Watchword research process
Understanding watchwords blend
On Page Optimization
Off Page Optimization
Local Optimization
Basic and advanced skills of SEO
Understand the concept of how a Search Engine Works
Understanding on how to attract traffic to website, new customers and boost
Learn various research methods to collect valuable data
Learn best techniques and practices of SEO for high website ranking
Learn how to troubleshoot problems and manage website.

Add Search Campaign
Google AdWords Overview
Understanding inorganic query items
Prologue to Google AdWords and PPC promoting
Understanding AdWords account structure
Understanding AdWords Algorithm
Making Search Campaigns
Understanding distinctive sorts of offer procedure
Understanding Catchy Phrases
Making promotions
Display Campaigns
Shopping Campaigns
Advanced Optimisation of Campaigns
Competitors Analysis
Decoding Google AdWords Algorithm
Scaling Strategy that works

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