VMware Advanced Security

Course Overview

The goal of this course is to take you beyond basic implementation, configuration, and administration of VMware vSphere and teach you the skills needed to properly secure a vSphere environment. The students will learn information security and risk management concepts, how virtualization affects security, guidelines and best practices for securing a virtual environment, and securing virtual machines. This course is recommended for those who have existing VMware vSphere knowledge who want to enhance their security knowledge.

Courses Included are:

Chapter 01 – Primer and Reaffirming Our Knowledge

Chapter 02 – Routing and Security Design of VMware

Chapter 03 – Remote DataStore Security

Chapter 04 – Penetration Testing 101

Chapter 05 – Information Gathering, Scanning and Enumeration

Chapter 06 – Penetration Testing and the Tools of the Trade

Chapter 07 – DMZ Virtualization and Common Attack Vectors

Chapter 08 – Hardening Your ESX Server

Chapter 09 – Hardening Your ESXi Server

Chapter 10 – Hardening Your vCenter Server

Chapter 11 – 3rd Party Mitigation Tools

₦ 5,000


  • Duration: 1 Year Access
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