Writing Your First Django App

Course Overview

This beginner-level Django course is adapted from the Django Software Foundation’s Writing your first Django app tutorial.

Course Benefits:

  • Learn to install the latest version of Django in a virtual environment.
  • Create your first single-app Django project.
  • Learn to use models to create and modify the database for your app.
  • Learn to work with your app via the API at the interactive shell.
  • Learn to create views and configure URLs.
  • Learn to create and process forms.
  • Learn how to quickly created list and detail views using Django’s class-based views and templating system.
  • Learn to write automated tests to prevent errors down the road.
  • Learn to add static content (e.g., images and CSS) to your website.
  • Discover the awesomeness of Django admin – Django’s built-in admin site.

Course Outline

  1. Customize Your App’s Look and Feel
  2. Adding a background-image
  3. Static Files Review
  1. Overview
  3. Writing More Views
  4. Write Views that Actually Do Something
  5. Raising a 404 Error
  6. Use the Template System
  7. Removing Hardcoded URLs in Templates
  8. Namespacing URL Names
  9. More Templates
  1. Getting Started
  2. Introducing the Polling App
  3. Installing Django in a Virtual Environment
  4. Installing Django
  5. The Project
  6. Creating a Project
  7. The Development Server
  8. Creating the polls App
  9. Creating the polls App
  10. Writing Your First View
  1. Customize the Admin Form
  2. Adding Related Objects
  3. Customize the Admin Change List
  4. Customizing Django Admin Review
  5. Customize the Admin Look and Feel
  6. Customize the Admin Index Page
  7. What’s next?
  1. Write a Minimal Form
  2. Reviewing Form Processing
  3. Use Generic Views: Less Code is Better
  4. Reviewing Generic Views
  1. Introducing Automated Testing
  2. Basic Testing Strategies
  3. Writing Our First Test
  4. Test a View
  5. Review Tests
  6. When Testing, More is Better
  7. Further Testing
  1. Project Settings and Migrating
  2. Database Setup
  3. Your Own Models
  4. Creating Models
  5. Activating Models
  6. Playing with the API
  7. Playing with the API
  8. Django Admin
  9. Introducing the Django Admin

₦ 20,000

  • Learn at your own pace with 24/7 access
  • Duration: 1 year
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